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Trousers & Dungarees

 Trousers and  Dungarees 

Choose From some of our Organic Gots Certified 

Cotton prints 


The beautiful soft and warm velour 

Oeko-Tex certified 

Available in 20 Colours

You decide if you want matching or a

Contrasting colour on the cuffs and waistband 

Or the Cuffs and trim on the Dungarees 

Available up to 2 years of age - size 92

Trousers & Dungarees
33 results
Feathers  - Harem Trousers
Mushroom Love  - Harem Trousers
Dinosaurs   - Harem Trousers
Rainbows & Raindrops  - Harem Trousers
Purple Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Black Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Charcoal  Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Muted Rainbow  -Trousers & Dungarees
Mini Florals  -Trousers & Dungarees
Spring Florals  -Trousers & Dungarees
Cool Mountains   - Harem Trousers
Mushroom Watercolour  -Harem Trousers
Mushroom Fun  -Trousers & Dungarees
Tangerine Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Navy  Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Curry Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Rosewood  Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Caramel   Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Artichoke  Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Spruce Velour Cord -Trousers & Dungarees
Ocean  Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Raisin Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Cadet Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Vegetables  -Trousers & Dungarees
Burnt Orange  Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Mustard  Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Chocolate Velour -Trousers & Dungarees
Happy Cloud  -Trousers & Dungarees
Florens Green -Trousers & Dungarees
Autumn Feeling -Trousers & Dungarees
Lionflower -Trousers & Dungarees
Florens Brown -Trousers & Dungarees
Florens Purple -Trousers & Dungarees
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